My name is Lance Krasniqi. I’m a game-developer and -designer currently living in the Netherlands, Europe. As a developer, I’m particularly interested in creating fun and consistent worlds for players to get lost in. As a designer, I look for interesting new ways to express myself, ways to make games easier to play and easier to understand. Both these ideals have been my driving force since I first started delving deeper into the art of games.

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For me, it started when I was a young boy; hacking away on my Commodore 64 and Amiga 500. It was games that I considered a mystery – how is it that they draw me in so much, I wondered. Growing up, I’d tinker more with coding on a Windows PC, hacking away in IRC coding channels (making chatbots and tools). I’d almost lose sight of games until the opportunity rose again discovering RPG Maker and not much later the Game Maker software. It didn’t take long when I just needed something more – I felt my creativity limited by the software.

I started IT studies but quickly moved on to Game Design in college where I finally tinkered with, what I believed was, the best tool out there at the time: XNA. With it I did most of my prototyping and testing out various techniques. MonoGame, which came later, was where I took it steps further and made my own framework to increase productivity for full games or just prototypes. Meanwhile, Unity3D came along but I only started working with that in the last few years as part of the curriculum at my university – creating the award winning game Rogues with Benefits as a result. Not soon after I begun teaching the younger generation with knowledge I gained but at the same time working on some new and exciting projects. And this is where I currently am.

In short, creating games is my passion and I believe strongly that they offer some of the best (interactive) storytelling out there. With that in mind, I am always on the lookout for new opportunities to take projects to greater heights and see it delivers an even better experience to the players worldwide.


As a programmer and a designer, I have the ability to quickly prototype new ideas, polish them up and put them to the test in no time. It is a skill I continually improve as I take on challenges of many types of games (and apps!).


CODING C# (Unity / MonoGame)
90% Complete
75% Complete
ART (Max, Maya, Adobe Suite)
55% Complete
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